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In this section you can read our announcements, keep up with our events and check out our latest thinking – either in the form of media coverage or research white papers. We hope to inspire you to think, comment and share.


We encourage you to read our white papers: they are available for free download and present a wealth of findings and insight from our research. We only ask that you first fill out a short registration form. This will also give you the chance to sign up for our newsletter, which will keep you informed about


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Keep up with what’s going on at Lundquist: research, awards, events and much more besides.  You’ll find all our announcements here, sorted by tag so you can reach right for the  topics that interest you. They’re also sorted by year. And don’t forget, if you want to keep updated via our activity in social media, check out our social newsroom 


Our events are all about bringing corporate communications professionals together. Whether at an informal aperitif or for a full-blown international awards conference, we strive to create an environment for sharing ideas, experiences, successes and challenges. It’s not about us, it’s about you.

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Lundquist’s thought leadership appears regularly in the mainstream and specialist media outlets and this is a selection of our  best cuttings. But it’s not just a vanity thing. For us it’s important that communications issues – from financial transparency to executive use of social media – get serious media exposure and that best practice is publicly recognised. That’s why we continually engage journalists about our work. 

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Read the findings from our surveys and rankings as well as other thought leadership pieces. This is where we collect our best ideas and lay out our methodologies and strategic pillars. We ask you to provide a few details about yourself before downloading our free white papers.

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