Webranking 2016-2017 Europe: Is your corporation communications primed for a Trump era?

As published by the FT’s Investors Chronicle and Italy’s Corriere Economia (Corriere della Sera), the 20th edition of Webranking reveals that European stalwarts are paving the way to credible comms. The ranking is conducted by Comprend in collaboration with Lundquist.


Winners: Snam, Wärtsilä and ENI clinch the titles for best online communicators in Europe


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Webranking works as a stress test, in that it measures the fundamentals of online corporate and financial communications and dialogue of the largest listed companies, based on stakeholder demands. The research’s objective is to promote a digital culture within companies and help them understand how to meet the growing expectations of stakeholders.


The research, celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, examined 499 corporate websites pertaining to the largest European companies.


Are you Trump ready?

European companies need to ask themselves if their corporate communications is primed for a Trump era. Are you and your social channels up to the task? Can you take a proactive stance should you come under POTUS’ twitter lens? In this new global era, marked by Brexit, fake news and the speed of business transformation, engaging in credible communications via your corporate website and social media becomes imperative.


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European stalwarts paving the way to credible comms

Credible comms is a skill to be learned and improved upon over time, with companies who master the art showing a clear understanding of the fundamentals of online corporate comms and digital dialogue. These companies pass the stress test as they show they are effectively responding to market needs.


The results year on year prove that companies who view corporate communication as a long-term strategy are those who continue outperforming their peers. Companies such as Eni, Generali, Telecom Italia, SCA and Wärtsilä continuously rank in the top 10 as they are constantly improving upon their digital communications, investing time and energy to ensure they are meeting their stakeholders needs.


Europe showing slight improvement in corporate communication

As the criteria in the protocol is based upon the needs and expectations of stakeholders – through annual surveys to investors, journalists and jobseekers –half of the max score (50 points out of 100) is considered the threshold at which companies respond adequately to capital demands.


The results reveal that European companies are crawling along, with the number of companies passing the stress test increasing slightly (from 25% in 2015, to 28% this year) and the average improving by 0.8 points to reach 42.7.


Snam breaks Webranking score record

Italian natural gas infrastructure company Snam makes a significant leap this year to take first place in the European ranking, beating all previous records with 93.6 points out of 100. The company is followed by Finnish diesel company Wärtsilä with 87.9 points. In third place is Italian energy company Eni with 87 points.

Nordic companies continue to dominate ranking

Nordic companies continue to dominate the European ranking, with nine companies hailing from the North of Europe making it into the top 20. Significant movements at the top of the ranking reflect this trend, with Finnish company Wärtsilä for the first time on the Webranking podium, and Swedish company SEB for the first time in the top 10, improving by an impressive 19 points.


Italy’s performance in the Webranking by Comprend 2016-2017 EU500 ranking

Twenty-three Italian companies make it into the European 500 research this year, four of which make the top 10. Italian natural gas infrastrucure company Snam wins the overall ranking with 93.6 points. The company is followed by energy company Eni in third place with 87 points, insurer Generali in fourth place with 83.4 points and telecom company Tim (Telecom Italia) in fifth place with 79.5 points.


Eleven companies break the 50-point threshold and thus pass the communications “stress test” of corporate transparency and stakeholder dialogue.


Read the article in Corriere Economia here.


Top 10 Italian companies in the EU ranking


Position 2016/2017 Company Score
1 Snam 93.6
3 Eni 87
4 Generali 83.4
5 TIM (Telecom Italia) 79.5
24 Terna 66.2
28 Luxottica 64.1
48 Unicredit 59.3
89 Enel 55
104 Intesa Sanpaolo 53.5


For more insights and trends on how Italian listed and non-listed companies communicate online, check out our separate Webranking research series covered exclusively in Corriere Economia here:


Italy Listed: http://bit.ly/WRItaly16


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Switzerland’s performance in the Webranking by Comprend 2016-2017 EU500 ranking

39 Swiss companies are represented in the European 500 research, however none of these firms make it into the top 10. Swiss construction firm Sika is the highest scoring Swiss company in the study with 73.7 points, making it into the top 20 in 12th place. Telecoms company Swisscom follows the firm in 13th place with 72.6 points, with hearing aid company Sonova in 20th place with 68.1 points. 38% of companies pass the test, beating the European average of 28%.


Top 10 Swiss companies in the EU ranking


Position 2016/2017 Company Score
12 Sika 73.7
13 Swisscom 72.6
20 Sonova 68.1
29 ABB 63.7
32 Nestle 63
38 Barry Callebaut 60.7
39 Roche 60.5
45 Credit Suisse 59.5
50 UBS 59.1
59 Zurich Insurance 57.7

For more insights and trends on how Swiss listed and non-listed companies communicate online, check out our separate Webranking research series covered exclusively in Bilanz here:


Switzerland Listed: http://bit.ly/WRSwitzerland16Listed


Switzerland Non-Listed: http://bit.ly/WRSwitzerlandNonListed17


Austria’s performance in the Webranking by Comprend 2016-2017 EU500 ranking

Five Austrian companies are represented in the European 500 research, however none of these firms make it into the top 50. Despite this, three out of five companies pass the communications stress test, scoring above 50 points. Oil and gas company OMV Group is the highest scoring Austrian company with 56 points, making it into 75th place in the ranking. In line with last year, no Austrian company fails the stress test this year (meaning none received less than 30 points).


Austrian companies in the EU ranking


Position 2016/2017 Company Score
75 OMV Group 56
76 Voestalpine 55.9
97 Erste Group 54.1
329 Andritz 36.8
385 Verbund 33.3


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About the research

Webranking by Comprend is Europe’s most in-depth analysis of online financial and corporate communication. Now in its 20th edition, the European study ranks the largest listed companies in Europe. The full ranking will be published on Comprend’s website.


Webranking by Comprend surveys more than 800 websites across the globe using criteria that are based on the views of people who actually use corporate information. Every year an exclusive panel of about 450 analysts, investors, shareholders, job seekers, journalists and other stakeholders are asked what information and services are the most important to them.




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