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Corporate communication teams need to be in a position where they have the talent in place to understand and tackle the evolving challenges of digital communications. Our training and coaching meets this precise goal.




Lundquist Academy gives corporate communications professionals – from new recruits to specialists and senior managers – all the necessary skills and tools to effectively manage projects and initiatives in the digital space. It offers a complete, international view of current best practice from a corporate perspective, trends and stakeholders’ needs.


Lundquist Academy has a unique and practical approach. It is based on the solid know-how and the strong, international network of consultants, thought leaders and professionals built by Lundquist in more than a decade of activities and partnerships with some of the best companies in Europe.

Each Lundquist Academy initiative stands out for:


  • Practical and goal-oriented approach based on the real-life experiences of lecturers and contributors
  • Up-to-the-minute topics and high-quality, high-level content
  • International vocation paired with deep knowledge of the local context
  • Independence of thought
  • Continuous review of programmes


Our initiatives include:



Targeted sessions to help companies facing specific issues related to digital in corporate communications, such as digital days, focus groups for selected teams, team building and top management coaching (read examples of how we are already supporting companies with such activities


Educational, cultural and networking events covering current topics and issues in digital corporate communications. The events involve a variety of speakers who can bring their international experience and know-how to the audience


Structured training programmes for corporate communication professionals at all levels of the organisation and with different degrees of involvement in digital projects and initiatives.


1st full training course for Corporate Digital Project Enablers


The course serves to enable corporate communication teams to effectively and professionally manage complex digital projects and initiatives. The course will cover the key themes of corporate communication from strategy to project management to storytelling.


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Our blog is an informal space we use to keep in touch with friends and all those who share our enthusiasm for digital and corporate communications. We post our views on interesting trends, comment on best practice or report back from the conferences we speak at or attend. We also highlight our latest videos and post announcements and photos from our own events. We hope you’ll be inspired to think, comment and share.

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Daniele Righi - Companies & Wikipedia - Merita Business - SMDAYIT
The top 5 reasons why companies should be interested in Wikipedia – Podcast



It has definitely been a long journey. After nine years on the field with Lundquist Wikipedia Research , we know there is still plenty of work and training to do in order for companies to acknowledge how Wikipedia can work for them.


For this reason, we continue to share our knowledge and keep training companies on how to properly engage on Wikipedia. We warn them of the consequences of editing without a proper understanding of Wikipedia’s rules and customs and support them in this endeavour.


Today Lundquist’s Daniele Righi had an interesting conversation on the matter with Giorgio Minguzzi, host of the Merita Business Podcast. Throughout the podcast, Daniele also shares five reasons for why companies should be interested in Wikipedia:

Webranking 2016-2017 Europe: Is your corporation communications primed for a Trump era?

As published by the FT’s Investors Chronicle and Italy’s Corriere Economia (Corriere della Sera), the 20th edition of Webranking reveals that European stalwarts are paving the way to credible comms. The ranking is conducted by Comprend in collaboration with Lundquist.


Winners: Snam, Wärtsilä and ENI clinch the titles for best online communicators in Europe


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