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Our Social Media Awards were conceived as a multi-platform research project with the uniting goal of better understanding use of social media from a corporate communications perspective. The research aims to track the evolution of corporate social media activity from an initial, experimental phase towards a more coherent, strategic use.


Originating from an examination in 2009 of how successfully Wikipedia presents company information, the research has been extended to cover all the main social media channels:

  • Generic social networks – Facebook
  • Professional networking sites – LinkedIn
  • “Sharing” platforms – YouTube, Slideshare, Pinterest, Flickr
  • Micro-blogging services – Twitter
  • How companies are covered in the open encyclopaedia Wikipedia


This research also provides insight into the dynamics of using these instruments effectively for different corporate communications needs: from media and investor relations to employer branding and corporate responsibility.


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How the research works


Through the Social Media Awards we analyse trends and seek to develop guidelines for using different channels as part of an effective strategy. Our evaluations don’t aim to rank companies as such but to map the corporate social media panorama, identify successful strategies and pinpoint areas of best practice.


These “vertical” studies are complemented by an investigation into the social media presence of top management and senior communications professionals.


In each case (excluding Wikipedia), our task has been to separate “commercial” use of social media (marketing, product promotion, customer service, etc.) from “corporate” uses and to understand what constitutes success in the latter case. This is done from both a qualitative as well as quantitative perspective by analysing the data that social media generate.

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Latest news

Getting left behind? CSR communications in Switzerland undermined by low transparency

The performance of Swiss companies in the 7th edition of the CSR Online Awards is undermined by a lack of transparency, an issue that has not improved since our previous edition of the research two years ago.


The top of the ranking of 57 leading Swiss companies – published today in association with Bilanz magazine – remains little changed from the past. Nestlé maintains its dominance in the top spot (63.5 points), comfortably beating Roche (55.25) and Credit Suisse (52.5) into 2nd and 3rd place respectively. But the wider picture is marred by the fact that a majority of the companies we studied don’t meet basic levels of non-financial transparency on environmental, social and governance topics, either online or in formal reports.

Deadline for Webranking evaluations set for Aug. 31

On Thursday August 31st we will be closing the 2017-2018 edition of Webranking for the year, the annual ranking measuring the quality of online financial and corporate communications. The Italian, Swiss, and Austrian editions of Webranking by Comprend are carried out and coordinated by Lundquist.


This is the last call for companies to notify us of any significant changes made to their websites during the month of August, by sending us, via e-mail, a list of links to the pages that have been altered.


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