Lundquist recognises best online CSR communications at Turin Awards

Lundquist presented the winners of the CSR Online Awards 2012 at a gala dinner held in Turin on November 8 as part of the 4th CSR Online Awards Seminar, a two-day
event bringing together almost 100 people from 50 companies in a “magic city” at the foot of the Alps.

The awards ceremony was conducted by Mariangela Pira, journalist at Class CNBC, and the prizes were presented by Joakim Lundquist, founding partner of Lundquist, and James Osborne, its head of CSR communications.


This year saw the creation of a brand new award, a handcrafted glass sculpture made in Sweden by artist Paul Grahs, whose work is on show at the Swedish National Museum of Art. He created a translucent assembly of “bricks” or “blocks”, tinged with green, to symbolise improvement, sustainability and transparency.


CSR Awards 2012


This was the occasion to present the award for the flagship ranking of the CSR Online Awards which took into consideration the 100 largest listed companies in Europe. First place went to Centrica for a second year, followed by Telecom Italia and Unilever.


Jeff Oatham from Centrica receives award for top place in Europe.


Award Ceremony_Telecom_Europe
Roberta Cicerchia and Alessandro Bastoni from Telecom Italia collect awards for second place in Europe


Awards were also presented for the top performing companies in Germany, Italy, the Nordic region and Switzerland.

In Germany the first position was awarded to Allianz, with E.ON coming second. Adidas finished in third.


Award Ceremony_Allianz
Isabel Bodlak from Allianz collects her award for first place in the Germany research


Award Ceremony_E.ON
Marco Barsanti from E.ON receives prize for second place in Germany


In Italy the best performer was Gruppo Hera, followed by Telecom Italia in second position and Eni in third. The prize for best improver went to Gruppo Iren.


Award Ceremony_Hera
Michela Maini and Gianluca Principato collect award for top place in Italy


Award Ceremony_Telecom_Italy

Roberta Cicerchia from Telecom Italia receives award for second place in Italy


Award Ceremony_Eni
Domenica Di Donato and Roberto Ferrari are presented with award for third place in Italy for Eni


Fabrizio Tucci from Gruppo Iren, recognised as the best improver in the Italian ranking


In the Nordic region, the first position was awarded to Ericsson, while SCA finished in second position, followed by Fortum.


Rossella Cardone (on the left) and Doris Sdogati (on the right) collect Ericsson’s award for top place in Nordic region


Award Ceremony_SCA
Gabriella Ekelund and Peter Lundsten collect award for SCA in second place in Nordic region


The Switzerland ranking was won for a third year by Nestlé, with Credit Suisse clinching second place ahead of UBS in third.


Award Ceremony_Nestle
Amy Howard from Nestlé recognised for its first place in Switzerland


Michel Ulmann collects Credit Suisse’s award for second place in Switzerland  

Paola Biscaldi and Cedric Verardo from UBS receive prize for third place in Switzerland  

During the event, we recorded several interviews with CSR and digital communications professionals from a variety of different companies and organisations. Watch our blog to hear from Nestlé, Call2Action, InnoCentive, Allianz and many more talking about online sustainability communications, its challenges and opportunities.


Executive summaries of the CSR Online Awards 2012 are available for download in the Research area of our website.

Photography& Video: Petix Fotografi

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