Lundquist Employer Branding Online Awards Global 100 published today: Royal Dutch Shell takes top spot followed by Mercedes-Benz; GE and BP share third place

The Lundquist Employer Branding Online Awards 2010 Global 100 has been released today. Royal Dutch Shell took the top spot with 71.5 points out of a possible 100 while Mercedes-Benz finished second with 64. General Electric and BP were a half point back to tie for third place.


The Global 100 study assessed how the companies with the strongest brands use their corporate websites to attract and retain the best employees. The study found that most of the companies fail to exploit the potential of their corporate website and the strength of their brands to attract and retain the best employees. While seven of the 100 companies ranked achieved more than 60 points, what might be considered as the minimum necessary to have a rich offering of information, the average was a modest 41.9 points.


This was the first year Milan-based corporate communications consultancy Lundquist conducted the study. The research will be conducted on an annual basis to see how companies are progressing in improving their websites to meet the needs of both job seekers and current employees. Lundquist conducts other internationally recognised research including the Lundquist CSR Online Awards ‘Global Leaders’.


The Employer Branding Global 100 ranking is part of the broader Employer Branding Awards research project that includes country rankings for Italy, Switzerland and Austria with a total of more than 300 websites assessed. Lundquist analysts used a 58-criteria protocol to rank each site. The criteria were developed using the input of a survey that asked more than 400 people in 37 countries what they want to find when they visit the website of a company where they are considering applying. The survey results showed that 95 percent of respondents visit a company’s corporate website before deciding whether to apply for a job.


Among the key findings of the 2010 Global 100 research:


– financial companies performed best (53.9 points average) while consumer goods companies did the worst (37.4 points average)

– the vast majority of sites show a list of open positions (92%) and allow users to sort vacancies (88%) and upload a CV for a specific opening (87%)

– three-fourths of companies do not provide any contact information for job seekers with queries

– most companies either don’t use social media as part of their employer branding strategy or don’t provide links to the media from their corporate websitecompanies performed better in presentation rather than content

– 40% of companies fail to provide exhaustive information on their site about what they do (this criterion considered the entire site and not only the careers section)

– 87% of companies fail to give comprehensive information about how a typical employee will see their career progress

– 3% use more than two social media outlets to advertise job openings (the corporate website had to provide links to the social media sites to receive points)

– No company has a workplace survey in the careers section

Top 10:

1. Royal Dutch Shell (71.5 points)
2. Mercedes-Benz (64)
3. BP (63.5)
3. General Electric (63.5)
5. JPMorgan (62.5)
6. Goldman Sachs (61)
7. Allianz (60.5)
8. Danone (58.5)
8. American Express (58.5)
10. Axa (57.5)




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