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Lundquist is a strategic consultancy specialised in online corporate communications. We adopt a tried-and-tested approach to all our projects, dividing them into three phases: Measure | Manage | Change. Thanks to our extensive research activities, we have particular expertise in financial communications and reporting, corporate responsibility, employer branding, social media as well as user experience and interaction design. Keep up-to-date with all our activities, events and research or download our white papers. See what’s on.


How insurers are adapting their sustainability communications to the digital age

The immediacy of digital communications and social media poses a particular challenge to insurers, which tend to deal with issues that are important but complex, placeless and long-term while engagement thrives on the here-and-now.


In an article for industry journal Insurance Day published this week, I examine how digital is forcing European insurance companies to evolve their corporate responsibility (CR) and sustainability approaches. Traditionally focused on a coterie of of specialists and experts, companies have realised that environmental, social and governance topics are entwined with business performance and customer trust. Corporate responsibility should therefore not be somehow separate from the rest of a business’s communications but deeply integrated into its agenda, all the more so in a digital age.

Lundquist è partner del Mashable Social Media Day

Mashable Social Media Day + Digital Innovation DaysGiunto alla quarta edizione, il Mashable Social Media Day è un importante evento dedicato all’innovazione digitale.


Una manifestazione che vedrà Lundquist sia tra i partner sia tra i relatori attraverso Joakim Lundquist (con un intervento dal titolo: La sostenibilità come strumento a supporto della Social Media Strategy. Il caso Birra Peroni) e Daniele Righi (con un intervento dal titolo: Wikipedia: se si parla della tua azienda potresti già avere un problema. Come intervenire ma soprattutto perché).

Gli ingredienti per uno storytelling di successo

Ormai tutti i professionisti che si occupano di comunicazione corporate e sostenibilità aziendale sanno che le storie, le interviste, i case study e gli esempi concreti sono l’elemento chiave per far capire al mondo come un’azienda affronta i temi più importanti, per lei e per il mondo.


In base alle nostre ricerche, gli esperti di sostenibilità e professionisti della CSR considerano questo elemento tra quelli fondamentali per valutare l’impegno di una società, appena al di sotto della strategia e più importante di dati di performance o altre informazioni quantitative.


Ma, come si sa, molti ci provano e pochi ci riescono.


We are hiring
Job opening – Graphic designer

Lundquist is looking to recruit a graphic designer interested in corporate communications, social media and sustainability with a proven track record in both digital and print design.


The position will evolve over time. Initially, the main tasks will be to provide support with design and impagination for Lundquist research whitepapers,sustainability reports and other corporate documents, as well as general support for website and communication activities. Subsequently, the person will lead the work in developing a new corporate and digital identity of Lundquist as well as creative graphical solutions for our clients.


Ultimately, the aim is to develop a business area with its own revenue streams to reinforce the overall business proposition of Lundquist in Italy and abroad, including building a design team. The position is based in Milan.


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Getting left behind? CSR communications in Switzerland undermined by low transparency

The performance of Swiss companies in the 7th edition of the CSR Online Awards is undermined by a lack of transparency, an issue that has not improved since our previous edition of the research two years ago.


The top of the ranking of 57 leading Swiss companies – published today in association with Bilanz magazine – remains little changed from the past. Nestlé maintains its dominance in the top spot (63.5 points), comfortably beating Roche (55.25) and Credit Suisse (52.5) into 2nd and 3rd place respectively. But the wider picture is marred by the fact that a majority of the companies we studied don’t meet basic levels of non-financial transparency on environmental, social and governance topics, either online or in formal reports.

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