KWD Webranking Italy 2012: Telecom Italia still on top, followed by Hera and Eni. Telecom and Eni win top spots in Europe 500 list, followed by SCA

Telecom Italia confirmed at No.1, followed by Hera and Eni in the Italian ranking. Italian companies also top the European ranking with Telecom Italia and Eni in the first two positions. However, Italian companies are not among the most innovative in Europe.

As reported today by Italian daily Corriere della Sera, Telecom Italia keeps the gold medal in the KWD Webranking 2012 Italy 100 with 87.5 points out of 100, followed by Hera (85.3), which managed to clinch the second position from Eni (83.5), slipping to 3rd. Ansaldo STS and Maire Technimont, with an improvement of 9.7 points, are the best improvers compared with last year’s edition.


Telecom Italia and Eni are also confirmed in the first two positions of the European ranking, followed by Swedish paper company SCA (78.3), German chemicals producer BASF (78.1) and Finnish utility Fortum (74.4).


The annual KWD Webranking – previously known as the H&H Webranking – is the most respected annual survey of corporate websites in the world. The highlight is the ‘Europe 500’ study, which ranks the largest companies in Europe (FT Europe 500 index).


Going back 16 years, the KWD Webranking now surveys almost 1,000 websites across the globe using criteria that are based on the views of people who actually use corporate websites. Every year an exclusive panel of over 500 analysts, investors, shareholders, jobseekers, journalists and other stakeholders is asked what information and services are the most important.


This year KWD Webranking reaches its 11th edition in Italy. The Italian ranking is conducted by KWD, the digital division of Hallvarsson&Halvarsson, in collaboration with Lundquist. It covered the largest 102 companies by stock market value in Italy.


The Italian average fell more than 4 points compared with last year to 32.5, well below the average of the largest 500 European companies (39.3 points).
With the exception of a limited number of companies that have been working to improve their online communications for several years, the majority of those evaluated have not been improving in recent years and remain stuck in the lower part of the ranking.


On Wednesday 12 December the KWD Webranking Awards will take place in Milan from 3pm at the Sala Buzzati, Corriere della Sera. The event will recognise the winners of the 11th edition, but will also be an opportunity to explain the purpose and content of the 2012 research and to take the pulse of digital communications in Italy. To register please contact cristina.urban @


The international KWD Webranking Awards took place on Thursday 29 November in London.


To read more: KWD Webranking Italy 2012 Executive Summary (Italian version 1.9 Mb).

To read the Corriere della Sera article published on the 3 December: “Telecom resta regina in Italia e in Europa. Staffetta tra Eni ed Hera” (Italian only PDF 976 Kb)

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