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Using digital channels to project a company as an employer of choice is a challenge that stands at the frontier of corporate communications today. That’s because it requires credible and comprehensive content, a straightforward and user-friendly application process as well as a careful combination of channels in an increasingly social and mobile era.


Lundquist has placed particular attention on the topic of online employer branding because it is an area where companies need to be most distinctive in their communications, reaching out to their target audience and persuading them they make a suitable match. As testified by our employer branding research, users long ago grew weary and suspicious of empty phrases and faceless corporate profiles.



Our view is that even in times of economic difficulty, companies need to build an employer brand online: the challenge lies in moving beyond a mere recruitment-based approach towards strategic use of digital tools – the corporate website and social media – to boost reputation both in the marketplace for talent and in the online world generally.


What we can do to transform your online employer branding


We can develop an employer branding strategy that is integrated into your overall digital approach, aligned with your corporate identity and responsive to user needs.


  • Definition of an overall employer branding communications strategy and key messages, based on stakeholder needs
  • Outline of trends in employer branding and intranet communications and tailored benchmarking
  • Understand how to create engagement with existing and prospective employees online and through social media
  • Support in designing employer branding online communications (structure of careers website, content development, etc.)
  • Employer Branding Online Awards report to assess the effectiveness of your career communications and define detailed action plans for improvement


Why we are different


  • More than 10 years of accumulated experience on digital corporate communication with an international perspective
  • Recognized and extensive research on communicating employer branding online
  • Profound understanding of recruitment challenges and the way these are increasingly intertwined with all aspects of corporate communications
  • Thanks to our user-centred, integrated approach, we help companies identify their objectives and priorities for online employer branding.
  • Driven by content and user needs, we have a pragmatic and realistic approach to new technologies and social media

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Daniele Righi - Companies & Wikipedia - Merita Business - SMDAYIT
The top 5 reasons why companies should be interested in Wikipedia – Podcast



It has definitely been a long journey. After nine years on the field with Lundquist Wikipedia Research , we know there is still plenty of work and training to do in order for companies to acknowledge how Wikipedia can work for them.


For this reason, we continue to share our knowledge and keep training companies on how to properly engage on Wikipedia. We warn them of the consequences of editing without a proper understanding of Wikipedia’s rules and customs and support them in this endeavour.


Today Lundquist’s Daniele Righi had an interesting conversation on the matter with Giorgio Minguzzi, host of the Merita Business Podcast. Throughout the podcast, Daniele also shares five reasons for why companies should be interested in Wikipedia:

Webranking 2016-2017 Europe: Is your corporation communications primed for a Trump era?

As published by the FT’s Investors Chronicle and Italy’s Corriere Economia (Corriere della Sera), the 20th edition of Webranking reveals that European stalwarts are paving the way to credible comms. The ranking is conducted by Comprend in collaboration with Lundquist.


Winners: Snam, Wärtsilä and ENI clinch the titles for best online communicators in Europe


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