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As companies strive to make corporate responsibility and sustainability an integral part of their day-to-day operations, the interconnection between strategy, reporting and communication is becoming increasingly close. Our vision has been to break with a reporting-driven approach to corporate responsibility in favour of one where disclosure is not an end in itself but the starting point for a dynamic, constructive relationship with stakeholders.

 Lundquist how we can help you in corporate responsibility

With our strategic approach and in-depth understand of corporate reputation and stakeholder expectations, we are well positioned to support companies in a wide range of corporate responsibility activities: from strategies for engagement and communications right through to the creation of sustainability reports and digital content. Our value lies in having an integrated understanding that covers reporting, engagement and communications.



A partner for corporate responsibility, strategy and reporting

We develop strategic, forward-looking approaches to corporate responsibility and sustainability. As non-financial reporting becomes the norm for corporations, this kind of coherent, long-term strategy is necessary for driving benefits along the value chain as well as return in terms of reputation. It is also essential for moving beyond a disclosure-driven attitude focusing on isolated initiatives and philanthropy. We provide strategic advice and practical support in the form of:

  • Benchmarking and best practice assessment
  • Materiality analysis
  • Stakeholder and context mapping
  • Stakeholder perception audits and internal interviews
  • Strategy roadmaps and objectives
  • Sustainability reporting
  • Executive training and internal awareness-raising
  • Sustainability strategy


How we can enhance your CSR communications

Lundquist’s approach to corporate responsibility has been developed and honed through the annual CSR Online Awards. It is also aligned with our user-centred, digital-first vision of corporate communications. We support companies in improving the effectiveness of their online communications and developing new strategies for online content, engagement and storytelling:

  • CSR communications strategy and definition of key messages, based on stakeholder expectations
  • Analysis of trends in CSR communications and tailored benchmarking
  • Discover how to break out of the “reporting” mentality and embrace the opportunities for communication and engagement offered by the web: how to balance reporting with online channels
  • Understand how to create engagement with your stakeholders, with a focus on social media
  • Support in designing your online CSR presence (definition of webtrees, content strategy, text creation, etc.)
  • Revise CSR reports from a communications perspective vs. a disclosure approach
  • CSR Online Awards report to assess the effectiveness of CSR communications and define detailed action plans for improvement


“Digital-first”, not “digital only”


Our focus on online communications has given us a keen sense of the communications requirements of key audiences. But, as we support companies in enhancing transparency and clarity, the online environment has provided essential indications for better offline communications too. Today, there is no neat divide between offline and online. Rather: the role of online is to lead the communications drive.



Why we are different

  • Unique position: deep understanding of CSR disclosure and focus on conveying key messages to stakeholders as well as engaging them in a continuous dialogue
  • Experience in helping companies building CSR culture within the company
  • We have worked with more than 40 clients on corporate responsibility
  • Profound understanding of sustainability challenges and the way these are increasingly intertwined with all aspects of corporate communications
  • Seven years of direct experience in assessing CSR communication of 100s of companies thanks to extensive and authoritative research
  • More than 10 years of accumulated experience on digital corporate communications with an international perspective
  • Consultancy built upon a solid user perspective

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Our blog is an informal space we use to keep in touch with friends and all those who share our enthusiasm for digital and corporate communications. We post our views on interesting trends, comment on best practice or report back from the conferences we speak at or attend. We also highlight our latest videos and post announcements and photos from our own events. We hope you’ll be inspired to think, comment and share.

Latest news

Into the sustainability labyrinth: Lundquist event provides guidance on a distinctive response to mandatory reporting

It’s a critical moment for corporate sustainability in Italy and companies turned out in force at an event we held in Milan last week to hear how to turn this year’s legal obligation on non-financial transparency into an opportunity.


We hosted over 60 participants from 38 registered companies at TIMSpace for a morning of presentations and conversations about the merits of a distinctive approach to sustainability for the benefit of the entire business, covering topics of sustainability strategies, non-financial reporting, stakeholder engagement and communications. Entitled “Nel Labirinto della Sostenibilità” (In the Sustainability Labyrinth), the event warned about the dangers of having a narrow, compliance-oriented response to the requirements of the Italian decree mandating reporting on some social and environmental matters (read our blog post on how the decree is changing the Italian sustainability scenario – in Italian.)

Notice of Webranking by Comprend 21st Annual Release — companies included and deadlines

The evaluation process for the latest edition of Webranking by Comprend 2017/2018  is off to a great start. The study is Europe’s most in-depth analysis of online financial and corporate communication, covering the largest companies in Europe as well as several individual country rankings. The ranking is conducted by Comprend in collaboration with Lundquist, which manages the Italian, Swiss and Austrian rankings.

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