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Prysmian Group: content strategy for a new digital presence


Support Prysmian Group in revamping its digital ecosystem and corporate website by developing a content strategy for promoting brand awareness at “group” level, projecting a clear corporate identity and representing its market leadership in cables as an authoritative voice regarding business issues for a multiplicity of stakeholders. The strategy had to support not only the corporate website relaunch but also deploying content in all group channels so as to tell the story of the company in an integrated way.

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Mediobanca: Define clear messages and support content production

Brief: In the last decade Mediobanca has dramatically changed its business and market position. The project aimed at clearly defining its messages and help the bank deliver them online, as corporate site is a key communication asset for Mediobanca.

DiaSorin: when a change of language signals a change in approach

Brief: To step in and take over production of the company’s 2015 sustainability report, working in English as the primary language, and use the opportunity to revamp the report’s structure, content and language and explain – above all to investors and employees – how sustainability relates to the company’s strategic objectives.

Generali: Playbook to guide story creation


Engage Group subsidiaries internationally in the creation of stories about the Group and provide them with clear guidelines on how to craft their stories.

Birra Peroni: “My Beer Is Just Like Me”


Produce the company’s new sustainability report following the Global Reporting Initiative’s G4 guidelines and focusing communications and design on making the company’s commitment relevant from a consumer and employee perspective. Integrate the report with the launch of a new company website.


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Generali: digital strategy and content production for new group website



Define a digital strategy for the new website and the group’s online ecosystem with a specific focus on communicating its new positioning/strategy and simplifying the user experience. Plan information architecture and produce new corporate content from scratch.

Snam: a distinctive approach to business conduct and governance


Snam, one of Europe’s biggest gas infrastructure companies, is expanding beyond its historical presence in Italy as European energy markets become more integrated. This forces the utility to explain to an international audience its business conduct, corporate governance and attention to transparency. Given this context, Snam asked Lundquist to help develop and implement a new approach to governance communications.


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