Centrica, Telecom Italia, Unilever top CSROnline Awards Europe 2012; Allianz wins in Germany, Ericsson in Nordic region and Nestlé in Switzerland

Lundquist today announces the results of the 5th edition of the CSR Online Awards, highlighting how companies risk widening of the divide between themselves and online audiences interested in their corporate social responsibility (CSR) performance, with negative consequences for trust and engagement.


Lundquist’s annual study of online CSR and sustainability communications covered the largest 100 companies in Europe plus leading enterprises in Germany, the Nordic region and Switzerland. The results of the Italian ranking, which covers the 100 biggest listed and non-listed companies in the country, will be announced in the coming days.


Centrica retained its place as the top performer in the Europe 100 ranking with 74 points out of 100, followed by Telecom Italia, which climbed one place to 2nd with
73.25 points. Unilever jumped up the list thanks to its revamped Sustainable Living website, finishing 3rd on 73 points. The rest of the top 10 included Eni, SABMiller, UniCredit, Nestlé (top of the Swiss ranking), BBVA, Allianz (No. 1 in Germany) and Credit Suisse. Ericsson won in the Nordic region.


The Lundquist CSR Online Awards examines how leading European companies use their corporate websites and related online presence as a platform for corporate responsibility communications and stakeholder engagement. Each website was assessed using a set of 68 evaluation criteria, drawn up on the basis of a survey of 400 CSR professionals, sustainability experts and stakeholder representatives from 52 countries.


The research found that, while reporting on social, environmental and governance issues is becoming standard practice, online CSR communications in general remains static and disclosure-driven. Many websites are difficult to navigate, overburdened with text and tables. Effective use of social media, video and interactivity is slowly becoming more common but remains the preserve of a minority of companies. Most appear loath to hear from stakeholders, even via email.


The average score of the Europe 100 ranking dropped to 44.2 points out of 100 from 50 last year as a result of the more challenging evaluation criteria, which were revised on the basis of user expectations and demands. The most disappointing aspects compared with last year regarded navigability, usability and visual communications, including video. Dialogue and interactivity remained weak points, despite a broader take-up of social media. Fewer companies are publishing
online CSR reports, the research found.

Award winners will be recognized at the CSR Online Awards Seminar, which will feature 35 speakers and company case studies in Turin on 8-9 November.


Top 10 in Europe 100 ranking in 2012:

1. Centrica (74)

2. Telecom Italia (73.25)

3. Unilever (73)

4. Eni (71.5)

5. SABMiller (68)

6= Nestlé (66)

6= UniCredit (66)

8. BBVA (64.25)

9. Allianz (63.5)

10. Credit Suisse (63)


Top 3 places in CSR Online Awards Germany:

1. Allianz (63.5)

2. E.ON (60.5)

3. Adidas (60)


Top 3 places in CSR Online Awards Nordic:

1. Ericsson (56.25)

2. SCA (54.5)

3. Fortum (54)


Top 3 places in CSR Online Awards Switzerland
1. Nestlé (66)

2. Credit Suisse (63)

3. UBS (56.75)


Further information is included in the CSR Online Awards 2012 Executive Summary (PDF 2.8 Mb)
Past editions of the research can be downloaded from the Research section of our website

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