Photo diary from the Lundquist UK Digital Roadshow

View of LondonThe increasing importance of visual imagery was one of the many topics discussed at our UK Digital Roadshow earlier this month. They say a picture speaks 1,000 words, so we thought there was no better way to follow this up then to provide some behind the scenes snapshots from our trip to London and Marlow. For the more serious stuff, check out our summary of meetings and discussions here.


The roadshow is part of the Lundquist European Digital Leadership Programme, which provides a learning and sharing experience for committed senior communication professional and digital managers at leading European and US companies. Structured around a series of informal meetings, retreats and roadshows, the programme  focuses on understanding how the digital transformation process is affecting business.


Lundquist takes communications group on digital leadership roadshow to London

The Gherkin

In London, digital is coming of age.


Among leading corporate and communications professionals, the excitement around the technological novelties of recent years is being replaced by a “back to basics” communications approach, where the focus is on people and human interactions, achieving effectiveness and timeliness without getting caught up in the frenzy of “conversations” that digital and social are generating.


That’s one of the main takeaways from our second European Digital Leadership roadshow, which took us for a three-day tour to the UK capital earlier this month.

Connected to the future: the evolution of the company profile according to Telecom Italia

Annual report readership is low, audiences are limited and disclosure-driven documents lack impact. Thus they fail to convey the company’s activities and performance in a broader sense. That’s the challenge companies like Telecom Italia are facing when planning their annual reporting communications. Moreover, Telecom Italia, like many telecom companies, is in a period of transition during which it has to convince the market of its competiveness and explain how it is responding to challenges.


Corporate governance: a voice to be reckoned with

Board Room TableA couple of weeks ago, we were asked by the publication Insurance Day to address the increasing importance of corporate governance across businesses.


Spurred on by the fallout from the financial crisis and controversial pay packages, the last decade has seen the role of corporate governance become increasingly important to stakeholders. In fact, a few years ago research by the Global Reporting Initiative suggested that governance information is the most relevant type of extra-financial information for investors and analysts.  This is a dynamic that we have monitored closely in our yearly Webranking survey, a comprehensive study that evaluates corporate websites based on input from financial journalists, analysts and investors in Europe and globally.


Two little content strategy secrets

Richard BinhammerWe are pleased to host once again Richard Binhammer, former head of social media and community of Dell and Lundquist’s partner and representative in US, who now runs Richard Binhammer’s social & business consultancy. He periodically shares his thoughts in this space alongside our own, allowing you access to the best insights into the corporate digital world.


In this piece he provides insights on content strategy, in particular referring to content curation and information filtering. How can companies properly leverage their content and bring real value to the reader/their stakeholders? “There are lots of ways, [in fact], to surface your content and be relevant.  Many depend on more than pumping it out there, tweeting it and seeing what happens”

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