Corporate governance: a voice to be reckoned with

Board Room TableA couple of weeks ago, we were asked by the publication Insurance Day to address the increasing importance of corporate governance across businesses.


Spurred on by the fallout from the financial crisis and controversial pay packages, the last decade has seen the role of corporate governance become increasingly important to stakeholders. In fact, a few years ago research by the Global Reporting Initiative suggested that governance information is the most relevant type of extra-financial information for investors and analysts.  This is a dynamic that we have monitored closely in our yearly Webranking survey, a comprehensive study that evaluates corporate websites based on input from financial journalists, analysts and investors in Europe and globally.


Two little content strategy secrets

Richard BinhammerWe are pleased to host once again Richard Binhammer, former head of social media and community of Dell and Lundquist’s partner and representative in US, who now runs Richard Binhammer’s social & business consultancy. He periodically shares his thoughts in this space alongside our own, allowing you access to the best insights into the corporate digital world.


In this piece he provides insights on content strategy, in particular referring to content curation and information filtering. How can companies properly leverage their content and bring real value to the reader/their stakeholders? “There are lots of ways, [in fact], to surface your content and be relevant.  Many depend on more than pumping it out there, tweeting it and seeing what happens”

The jobseekers’ voice: take our employer branding survey and raise money for charity

Are you looking for jobs or career information on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter, maybe from mobile? How do you rate how companies present themselves? What influence do corporate sustainability, compensation or benefits have on your career choices? How do you prefer to make an application?


These are just some of the questions we’re putting to jobseekers in our latest annual survey. The exercise is part of this year’s 19th edition of Webranking, a study conducted by Swedish consultancy Comprend in collaboration with Lundquist into the corporate online communications of the largest 500 companies in Europe. Rather than judging them on subjective criteria, we base our assessments on stakeholders’ needs captured in three online surveys: one for the capital markets, one for web managers and one about careers, aimed at students, young and experienced professionals.


For every reply, Comprend donates 5€ to charity.

5 giorni di innovazione con Edison e Wired: #Innovationweek

Innovation-Week - Edison - Bruce Sterling

Sta volgendo al termine la settimana dedicata all’innovazione tecnologica e alle startup, organizzata ed ospitata dalla società energetica Edison in collaborazione con Wired.


Riteniamo sia e si stia rivelando un’occasione interessante per riflettere sulle opportunità di cambiamento e confrontarsi sui temi che modellano e reinventano costantemente la contemporaneità. Per questo di seguito aggiungiamo alcuni riferimenti su come seguire o recuperare interventi e materiali.

La comunicazione corporate incontra Periscope. Ne parliamo con Banca Ifis ed Edison

Meerkat-&-PeriscopeIn poco più di un mese grazie ad un piccolo mammifero e uno strumento usato per la prima volta circa 600 anni fa siamo entrati in pieno clima da “next big thing” promotori e cauti osservatori compresi. Meerkat (suricato in italiano) e Periscope sono infatti i nomi di due applicazioni che consentono di fare live streaming da smartphone e a cui le aziende, neanche troppo timidamente, strizzano l’occhio.


Per comprendere dall’interno come alcune società stiano costruendo qualcosa testando questi canali abbiamo parlato con Mara Di Giorgio, Responsabile comunicazione del Gruppo Banca Ifis e Florian Ciornei, Responsabile comunicazione digitale di Edison.

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