Bilanz exclusively covers 3rd edition of Swiss non-listed research

Swiss business weekly Bilanz reports exclusively today that for Swiss non-listed companies, the gap between companies who strive to communicate credibly and those who fail to provide adequate information is widening. Now in its third edition, Lundquist conducts the Swiss ranking in collaboration with Comprend.


Winners: Swiss Post, Zürcher Kantonalbank and SBB clinch the titles for best digital communicators




Webranking works as a stress test, in that it measures the fundamentals of online corporate and financial communications and dialogue of the largest listed companies, based on stakeholder demands. The research’s objective is to promote a digital culture within companies and help them understand how to meet the growing expectations of stakeholders.


Why invest in corporate communication?

This year the sample of companies evaluated has grown from 29 companies to 40. This growth demonstrates the increasing importance Swiss non-listed companies play in both their local and global settings. Non-listed companies increasingly need to take transparency and openness on major digital channels seriously, as they compete directly alongside their listed counterparts to gain the confidence of their high demanding consumers.


A number of companies have seen their scores improve this year, especially discount supermarket chain Denner, perfumer Firmenich and equipment manufacturer Liebherr, which improved by 11.6, 10 and 9.8 respectively.



Surprising result see’s non-listed companies improve by leaps and bounds, yet gap of credible communicators remains wide

This year eleven Swiss non-listed companies pass the test (above 50% of the score), up from 6 last year. The average number of points achieved by the companies is 32.6 points (41%), up from 31.4 points (39%) in 2015.


Companies that achieve between 30% and 50% of the maximum score find themselves in the “held back” category, with this number staying the same as last year at 48%. Those at the bottom of the ranking, who do not meet the minimum content required by the market, hit 25%, down from 31% in 2015.


Despite the overall pass rate increasing, and the failure rate decreasing, individual company scores continue to show an increasing gap between those investing time and energy in their online comms, and those who are struggling to meet their stakeholders’ demands. The top performing company, in fact, outperforms the lowest scoring company by a staggering 39.5 points.


Swiss Post clinches first place

State-owned entities are improving their transparency in online comms with Swiss Post clinching first place with 50.7 points, and Swiss railway provider SBB in third place with 47.6 points. Zürcher Kantonalbank, up from third place, takes second place with 48.5 points. It is positive to see these state-owned companies in the top three, as operating with tax payers money takes on an increased expectation for transparency.




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About the research

Webranking by Comprend is Europe’s most in-depth analysis of online financial and corporate communication. Now in its 20th edition, the European study ranks the largest listed companies in Europe. The full ranking will be published on Comprend’s website.


Webranking by Comprend surveys more than 800 websites across the globe using criteria that are based on the views of people who actually use corporate information. Every year an exclusive panel of about 460 analysts, investors, shareholders, job seekers, journalists and other stakeholders are asked what information and services are the most important to them.


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Getting left behind? CSR communications in Switzerland undermined by low transparency

The performance of Swiss companies in the 7th edition of the CSR Online Awards is undermined by a lack of transparency, an issue that has not improved since our previous edition of the research two years ago.


The top of the ranking of 57 leading Swiss companies – published today in association with Bilanz magazine – remains little changed from the past. Nestlé maintains its dominance in the top spot (63.5 points), comfortably beating Roche (55.25) and Credit Suisse (52.5) into 2nd and 3rd place respectively. But the wider picture is marred by the fact that a majority of the companies we studied don’t meet basic levels of non-financial transparency on environmental, social and governance topics, either online or in formal reports.

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