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Lundquist is a strategic consultancy specialised in online corporate communications. We adopt a tried-and-tested approach to all our projects, dividing them into three phases: Measure | Manage | Change. Thanks to our extensive research activities, we have particular expertise in financial communications and reporting, corporate responsibility, employer branding, social media as well as user experience and interaction design. Keep up-to-date with all our activities, events and research. See what’s on.


Swiss KWD Webranking Awards in Zurich recognises best corporate websites

AudienceOn April 8 a group of leading Swiss companies met up to discuss the results from the Swiss edition of the KWD Webranking, which is managed by Lundquist.


Joakim Lundquist, CEO of Lundquist, gave an overview of the research, Europe’s most detailed assessment of the quality of corporate websites. The KWD Webraning survey has reached its 17th edition in Europe and this year it celebrated its 10th edition in Switzerland. All in all, 852 companies were evaluated globally and 51 in Switzerland.


Compared to their European counterparts, the main finding was that Swiss companies are lagging behind in corporate responsibility. In fact 25% of Swiss companies do not present a CSR or sustainability report compared to only 2% at Europe’s top companies. Other weak areas were debt information and employer branding.

Can we really talk about online stakeholder engagement when 60% of companies don’t respond to email?

StakeholderStakeholder engagement is a hot issue that has generated much discussion in sustainability. Companies try or claim they try to engage in dialogue: “we value your feedback” abounds in reports and on websites. Our survey of CSR professionals, sustainability experts and stakeholders clearly shows that email is one of the preferred engagement channels (up there with industry events, stakeholder panels, online surveys and LinkedIn).


For this reason, as part of the Lundquist CSR Online Awards research, we recently tested the real effectiveness of email engagement on Europe’s top 100 listed companies (based on contact information available on corporate websites). The result was rather worrying: 60% of top European companies didn’t respond to a simple email* in which we asked how they managed incoming messages, requests and complaints.

33 companies join us to discuss “digital bites” at 24th Lundquist breakfast meeting in Milan

Joakim Lundquist“Six digital bites to keep up with the online corporate agenda” was the title of the 24th Lundquist breakfast meeting, which took place at the stylish “Swiss Corner” in the centre of Milan on March 19. Here’s a wrap-up on what we discussed.


This was the first in a new series of morning gatherings for professionals interested in staying up-to-date with the latest developments in digital communications and how it affects the corporate world. The idea behind the initiative is to introduce and make sense of the latest trends and buzzwords in digital by presenting to-the-point “bites” as a basis for discussion. We hope that this will help professionals to orientate themselves amid the avalanche of digital developments. Here’s a summary of the main “bites” (the presentations can be downloaded – see below):


Joakim Lundquist (Founder and head of Lundquist) presents our brand new totally responsive website
“Six digital bites to keep up with the online corporate agenda”: Lundquist Breakfast meeting, 19 March, Milano

(Event invitation only in Italian) E’ con piacere che vi invitiamo al 24° incontro Lundquist durante il quale presenteremo gli aggiornamenti sui trend della comunicazione digitale e ci confronteremo con i nostri ospiti su questi temi. Per questo abbiamo preparato 6 “assaggi digitali” che coprono diverse aree, da Wikipedia allo Storytelling, dal Web Design ai nuovi modelli della comunicazione online analizzati in ottica professionale da giornalisti e analisti (scarica il programma).

OMV and Erste Group are best Austrian companies in the KWD Webranking Europe

OMV is the only Austrian company that managed to make the top 100 positions in the KWD Webranking Europe, a ranking of the best online corporate and financial communications of the largest 500 listed companies in Europe. The Austrian oil company finished in 92nd position with a score of 47.5 out of 100. OMV has slightly improved its score compared to the 2012 edition of the study and jumped up 38 positions in the study.

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Italian KWD Webranking Awards 2012 - Official video

The event was organised in collaboration with Lundquist, which represents KWD (the digital division …

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