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Lundquist is a strategic consultancy specialised in online corporate communications. We adopt a tried-and-tested approach to all our projects, dividing them into three phases: Measure | Manage | Change. Thanks to our extensive research activities, we have particular expertise in financial communications and reporting, corporate responsibility, employer branding, social media as well as user experience and interaction design. Keep up-to-date with all our activities, events and research. See what’s on.


La comunicazione corporate incontra Periscope. Ne parliamo con Banca Ifis ed Edison

Meerkat-&-PeriscopeIn poco più di un mese grazie ad un piccolo mammifero e uno strumento usato per la prima volta circa 600 anni fa siamo entrati in pieno clima da “next big thing” promotori e cauti osservatori compresi. Meerkat (suricato in italiano) e Periscope sono infatti i nomi di due applicazioni che consentono di fare live streaming da smartphone e a cui le aziende, neanche troppo timidamente, strizzano l’occhio.


Per comprendere dall’interno come alcune società stiano costruendo qualcosa testando questi canali abbiamo parlato con Mara Di Giorgio, Responsabile comunicazione del Gruppo Banca Ifis e Florian Ciornei, Responsabile comunicazione digitale di Edison.

Deutsche Post DHL’s secret to success in digital: a clear vision

Michael-Sellen - Interview - Deutsche-Post - CSR-Online-Awards-2014Companies need a clear vision of what they want to achieve on in digital channels and social media. Very often, digital managers focus on specific metrics, such as likes or followers in social media, which are important but don’t reflect engagement. Michael Sellen, Head of Internet, eMedia Team at Deutsche Post DHL, says companies need to create a framework aligning content creation and content distribution.


Moreover using social media channels as an integral part of stakeholder engagement offers companies the possibility to be part of a dialogue and even manage it: people now expect companies to be active on social media and it’s a risk for a company not taking part of this conversation.

Wikipedia & business: why should you care and what you can do legitimately

Wikipedia logoWikipedia is important for companies. So what stops them from engaging fully and how can a relationship work between business and the Wikipedia community?


Wikipedia is the 6th most visited and consulted website on the web, the 7th in Italy (ahead of the country’s two most popular newspapers la Repubblica and Corriere della Sera). Eight times out of 10 Wikipedia-related entries end up in the first results page on Google.


There is more. 


Deutsche Post, BASF and Allianz head German ranking of online CSR communications: but will the rest of the pack follow?

To close out the 6th edition of the Lundquist CSR Online Awards, we are announcing that Deutsche Post DHL surged back to the top of our ranking of how well German companies communicate corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sustainability through digital channels.

How Europe’s largest 500 companies fare in the communications “stress test” Webranking 2014-2015

As published today by Forbes, the 18th annual edition of Webranking has evaluated the largest 500 European companies by market capitalisation, assessing their ability in digital corporate communications. The research is conducted by Swedish consultancy Comprend (digital division of Hallvarsson & Halvarsson) in collaboration with Lundquist.

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